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This website will provide links and programs that will benefit your machine at keeping it safe from Hackers and Viruses plus the programs here make tasks easier and simpler with less clicking and less time. Please donate if you can as this keeps my site running and allows me to make programs and also learn new ways of coding.

Highlights and Information

PS3FilePlacer V2.3.1 Will be coming out as soon as i fix the Savedata folder bug and has one good feature for people that don't understand english a language file.

This stood out to me as people say norton is very good as your paying a good company for there firewall and anti-virus but this link Matousec.com say otherwise they did 87 tests and norton was not recommended.

Filecloser V1.0 has been disowned for a while now but you have my word that this is going to change and will be updated when the site is finished.